Desktop Support

Problems fixed before you even hang up your call for help

If a problem progresses far enough that you need to call a manufacturer, tracking down serial numbers and being put on hold are just some of the difficulties you can add to your growing list.

With Desktop Support from Network Management Solutions, you can depend on us to give you specific, expert advice and to keep you operating smoothly.

Our Remote Support app will be installed on all of your desktops, so whenever your PC runs into a problem, one of our experienced support representatives will troubleshoot and fix it before you even click ‘End Call’. A lot of companies promise reduced down time, but few can match Network Management Solutions’s Remote Support solutions.

Desktop Support services from Network Management Solutions are:

  • Expert - our 32 years of experience in the IT field means we know what we’re doing
  • Hassle-free - we’ll handle your support requests while you take a quick break, no need for us to guide you through step by step
  • Flexible - we offer support for organizations of all sizes
  • Private - your desktops might be connected to us, but we can guarantee the privacy of your company data

Desktop services from Network Management Solutions reduce response times and give you 24/7 support. Unleash the potential of your company through effective IT management.