IT Project Management

Taking care of vendor relationships so you can manage client relationships

More isn’t always better and when it comes to vendor account management this couldn’t be more true. Sign up for Network Management Solutions’s IT Project Management and eliminate the confusing web of manufacturer relationships that overcomplicate your support requests.

Expert staff from Network Management Solutions combine their long and varied history with IT vendors and your infrastructure and business goals to streamline your support requests.

Under the umbrella of IT Project Management, Network Management Solutions provides:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Alignment of IT with core business objectives
  • Monthly/Quarterly meetings
  • Procurement assistance
  • Complete lifecycle management
  • Platform and software recommendations and configuration support
  • Warranty and vendor agreement tracking management

Toss your overstuffed Rolodex of vendor contact information in the trash and call us. Like every one of our services, IT Project Management from Network Management Solutions simplifies your IT needs and support so you don’t waste valuable time doing it yourself.