Network Security

Secure your network and data

The internet is a minefield of dangerous sites trying to sabotage your company. Even the most well-intentioned employee has the potential to open the gates for trojans, ransomware and viruses. Network Security services from Network Management Solutions give you access to enterprise-level protection on a realistic budget.

Our intelligent filtering system will block and eliminate dangerous content without ever asking you to manually create a long list of forbidden domains. It will do this automatically without weighing down your desktops with bulky software. If you have workstations that have been too slow to utilize other security software, ask us about the possibility of reappropriating it to save on the cost of new hardware!

Network Management Solutions’s Network Security solutions give you:

  • Firewall security - keep viruses and attackers out of your network
  • Smart filtering - stop harmful, distasteful or unsafe sites from hurting office productivity
  • Detailed reports - regulate and track internet usage for security threats
  • Economical service - preventative maintenance, patching/updating, and virus/spyware updates on a flat-rate monthly fee

Hand over the management of your network security to Network Management Solutions for faster workstations, less access requests, and as always, peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is safe and sound.