Outsource your workstation management

With Virtualization from Network Management Solutions, the majority of your workstation hardware and software can be moved off-site while ‘thin clients’ access these services over a network. This way, employees can access their workstations from anywhere and managing updates and security profiles becomes a centralized affair.

Under our Virtualization program even hardware can be allocated to different workstations based on different needs. That means the ‘thin clients’ you use to log in remotely will only need the bare minimum hardware, and that translates into huge cost savings.

When your SMB decides to become a virtualized office with Network Management Solutions you will be able to:

  • Lower electricity bills – go green with fewer servers
  • Increase workstation computing capacity – with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Recover quickly – restore data from offsite backups
  • Increase mobility – provide your office with secure access to their work from anywhere

Best of all, nothing will change in how users interact with their workstations. They will see a regular desktop with all of their familiar applications, but their computers will be faster and more secure. Choose Network Management Solutions when you’re ready for experienced professionals to guide you into a modern virtualized office.